About Us


Hi I'm Molly and I'm the owner of Blackfort Equestrian. We launched in 2019 and our name came from my pride and joy Marley, a 17.2 Clydesdale cross or formally known as Blackfort Boss. We've been a team and best mates since 2017. He adores cuddles, sweeties and scratches. It only seemed right my next big venture should be named after him. Welcome to the world of Blackfort Equestrian

The idea behind the business was to create a flattering, comfortable and most importantly durable equestrian clothing line. Designed to fit all shapes and sizes whilst still feeling and looking fantastic. 

Busy lives mean less time to change, Blackfort designs are created to be comfortable and fashionable for the on the go equestrian. We've created a clothing line for the real rider, with a comfortable true to size fit, without sacrificing style or quality.

Our vision - "Where Feminine Style meets Function" 


 About the Owner / Designer - Molly Kaye

Molly, the owner and founder of Blackfort defines herself as a "real rider not a world-beater" and "rosettes are just an added bonus, taking part is what matters"

Molly, was born and raised in Yorkshire by a family with a keen interest in the equestrian sport. From a young age Molly had ponies and always dreamed of running her own business. 

"I love nothing more than just pony patting! Just being around horses is in my blood! My mum had horses growing up and due to finances I couldn't afford one when I left for university, I was lucky enough to have Marley on full loan before i could save up enough to buy him! I'm forever grateful!"

She studied a business degree and then went on to complete a Masters degree in Quantity Surveying and had a successful career in the construction industry. After a few years working in a corporate environment, Molly decided to step away and finally fulfil her own dream.

Partnering her education, work experience and passion for the equestrian sport, the first 9 pieces of Blackfort Equestrian was born. 


The Story Behind our Logo. 

Blackfort Equestrian is named after Marley. The brand uses his official name Blackfort Boss and creates subtle details within the logo to reflect this. 

The main emblem is designed as a fort or castle creating the strong brand image. The flag detailing creates a link to his enjoyment for eventing and cross country. And the final touch, the horses mane etched into the bottom of the fort parapets. To some it may just be a logo, but do take a closer look! 

Blackfort Equestrian Clothing - Riding Tights